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released January 13, 2012

Written and Performed by James Wallace.

Engineered by Brendan Thompson and James Wallace.
Mastered by Tommy Zoogarden.
Photography by Coulomb Collins.

Thanks to Brendan, Ewen, Zac, Adam, Lucas, Hugh, Colin, Mum, Dad, Rachel, Dave and Jessie.



all rights reserved


Coloured Clocks Melbourne, Australia

Psychedelic music recorded at home

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Track Name: Season
They said it's only a season
And that you came here to lie
And that you'd leave without reason
You know that's what I did find
Now she's gone
They said it's only a season

They could do nothing to help you

What do I do if I'm this way?
For now, forever and always

And so I lie, down in my dreams
But there'll be no way to rescue me

Lay down, the garden's full of leaves
Lay down, it offers you to sleep
Lay down, you know it's not a place you'd like to be
And you've been resting all the time

And it's only a season
And you left without reason
They were trying to help you
I know nothing would stop you
Track Name: Where To Go
Heaven knows where to go
And it knows what we know
You won't have to lie it is on your mind
You will pay the price for such a lie

Heaven knows you wait alone
Now the leaves are overgrown
Something has to change will you decide?
Slowly in time you realise

Hasn't known where to go
And he chose to let it go
You will walk on by in another life
And he won't choose to say goodbye
Track Name: Won't Move
I'm so scared that I
Have somehow slipped behind
And I think about it every single day
And I know it's a waste

Oh how hard i tried
And it makes me wonder why
Why everything just has to be this way
It's such a waste

Yeah it is on my mind
And I don't know why
You would sit around
Only to find
That I won't, I won't
I won't move

Sitting at home with pictures in the frame
Can't you see that it won't be the same again?
It's digging in deeper further in your brain
And never again

Yeah I've been thinking twice
And I don't know why
And I must admit
At certain times
I don't, I don't
Move at all

Look at the moon now something's on your brain
Move away slowly I won't be the same again
It's digging in deeper further in your brain
Now it's in your brain

Yeah, is there anything you can prescribe?
Cause I'm feeling oh so far behind
That I won't I won't return
I won't I won't return
That I won't I won't return
And I don't I don't return
Track Name: Cycle
You spend your morning wondering why
And do you find you're wondering all the time?
And in the end I know you're going to leave
And honestly that is where I'd rather be

Sometimes I think that nothing's going to change
Sometimes I wonder when it's going to change
But what's to come if we just never know?
And what's to come if we're just left alone?
I don't know

On your special day
Ate your wedding cake
And that's such a shame

The problems in your life
You know they won't subside
And that's such a shame

Won't be coming back
Broken heart attach
And that's such a shame

Don't ever ask me why
You let it pass you by
And that's such a shame

I was there in the night
But didn't know what is there
So I followed the light
But it led nowhere

And I don't want to follow
I was resting my head
But when I wake in the morning
It could lead me instead
Track Name: Not Mine
And don't you say
You'll be better that way
Your heart's not mine
Your heart's not mine

And don't you stray
Or be that way
Your heart's not mine
Your heart's not mine

And so they say
It can happen this way
Until you find
Your heart's not mine

Don't talk so loud
Of what you've found
My heart don't know
My heart don't know

Don't ever say
That it's better this way
Your heart's not mine
Your heart's not mine
Track Name: Won't Be Found
When you go back in time
You're in my heart
In the dark in the night
You're in my heart
You may think that I'm fine
Although my heart is racing now

We will run out of time
That's in my heart
When they opened my mind
You were in my heart
Then you put in the knife
That's in my heart, is racing now

You won't be found
Track Name: Sorry For That
And I'm sorry I was wrong
I am sorry for that
And then you start to run
I am sorry For that
Sorry for that

And all and all the time
And of course it is true
That I nearly lost my mind
It could happen to you

You know sometimes you'll be sitting on or right beside
The same side that the sun will shine
You try to catch it and wonder why
You'll never be standing in the light

In the light
You didn't try
You don't know why
Track Name: Leaving Time
Out in the street you could hear them screaming
And you won't believe what was there to meet them
What I saw was a million sad cries
Singing in the night about those who lied

And I don't know why

Out in the street and I have a question
There's something there that I never mentioned
What I saw it just opened my eyes
And all my life will I ever find?

But I never try
And I don't believe
And I don't know why

Spoons in the sky you were left there to die as the day begins
As I went by with that look in your eye and the day begins
And it's leaving time

Nowhere to go or that's what I was told and our days are gone
It's sad but it's so there is nowhere to go and our days are gone
And it's leaving time

And it's just in time

On the mountain side
Is where I want to lie
When it comes falling from the sky

On the mountain side
Is where I want to die
When will you change your mind?
Track Name: Star
I'm sitting on a star
Forgetting just how far you are

It's easy to pretend
I go down on my knees and then I descend

Convinced the battles won
But I just don't beileve you've come
And gone

They're hiding pieces in the night
They're cutting the pieces from your life
And they're searching the light
Can't you see this is the time?

I woke up in the car
And didn't know I'd gone so far

I did it just to see
But over come the cavalry
With a heart that aches they will take the rest of me

We're still a world apart
But underneath the same set
Of stars, but now I'm falling all the time
Track Name: Miles
Miles away in a distant time
A man lies still beneath the sky
You may have seen him on your way
As you get close he moves away
So far away

Miles away in distant place
A man who lived without a trace
He spends his days beneath the sun
Just waiting for another one
Who didn't come

How do I go on?
Track Name: Pass You By
And you see it all the time
That soon another life
Passes by

Will you make it in the end?
So many letters left to send
But soon another friend
Will pass you by

Pass you by